Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ginger Rock

I was in Guadalajara gaining inspiration by the Ginger Ninjas and their pleasant revolution. Holy crap these bikers rock. They are completely self contained, including sound system, cello, full drum set, tools, costumes, todos. They started in Northern California and are leaving for Mexico City in a couple days, maybe. They travel by way of magic and their force is a powerful one, attracting attention from radio, newspaper, and elected officials.

They pedal by day, rock out by night. Their shows are pedal powered by 12 volt motors that audience members are encouraged to pedal as the Ninjas rock their funk-folk-booty-shakin-mountain-groove. Electric and legend making, they speak from the heart and move by people power. Their impact is huge to the physique and minimal to the environment. Check them out:

So, I got to hang out with them for a couple days; very inspirational. The Ninjas performed the night I got to Guadalajara until late-ish. The next day we awoke early to ride with the mayor of Guadalajara on the Sunday-shutdown. Every Sunday Guadalajara shuts down 25 kilometers of city streets to bicycle and pedestrian enjoyment. The city lends out 300 bikes for free and thousands of people turn the 25 kilometers into an all day parade of happy folks. The Mayor is interested in expanding the program and has sent delegates to witness the success in other areas. In addiction, a bicycle summit has been organized to further the dialogue of improving bicycle travel within Jalisco. Also encouraging is the fact that Guadalajara is sister cities with Portland, Oregon, a world renowned bicycle friendly city.

After the bike ride, they Ninjas set-up and performed a show in a government owned structure along the closed off road. Then, they tore down and loaded everything on their extracycles and biked over to the next venue, where they played a long set.It is completely inspiring for me in terms of entertainment via bicycle. Or education via bicycle. And both.

Thank you Ginger Ninjas for your Pleasant Revolution.

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