Saturday, February 16, 2008


Leah left Mexico yesterday afternoon on a jet plane. She left me for her Mother, who lives and works in Prague. Lucky girl.

I am alone with Maggie the dog, house sitting Ken and Roberta's place in Colima and making plans to travel North, while at the same time drowning my sorrows in over sized beer bottles and choking my breath with cigarette smoke.

Good bye Leah.
Good bye Mexico.
Good bye hot sunshine, delicious food, cheap beer, and delicious food.

Hello bus ride from hell. Colima, Col. Mexico to Helena, MT usa, what took Leah and I two and a half months will take a grueling 61 hours on a bus.

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leah said...

when are you leaving Colima? Are you taking the bus straight the whole way? Are you doing ok? I hope you're not smoking your lungs to death (remember our pact?).
I miss you,